Referral Scheme

Earn Rewards for Sharing the Love

Spread the word about Sitescribed and earn rewards for both you and your friends. It’s simple: refer a friend to Sitescribed, and when they activate their website subscription, you’ll both receive £25 off your subscription fees!

Here’s How It Works

Share your referral code with friends

Complete the referral form, and once you receive your unique referral code via email, share it among your friends and family.

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Encourage your friends to sign up for a Sitescribed website package using your referral code during the signup process.

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Once your friends successfully sign up for a Sitescribed website using your code, both you and your friend will enjoy £25 off your subscription fees as a thank you from Sitescribed.

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As the referrer, you’ll receive £25 off your next monthly subscription fee when your friend signs up using your referral code. Your friend, the referee, will also enjoy £25 off their first month’s subscription fee.

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